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Music and Lyrics by PD Curasi and Bing Limousin




I wonder why

A blue sky turns to gray

I wondered why

Just yesterday

Love has to fade away


Looking for love

Once again

Strangers become

Your new best friends

Boring conversations

Never end

I don’t know just why



I wonder why

Lonely walks can ease a mind

Sweet memories

Keep strolling by

Of the dreams I left behind


Words can curse

And words can cure

We all need love

To feel secure

Guess I’ll have

Another beer

I don’t know just why



Why in time

Do things go bye

Bluebirds hatch 

And away they fly

Puppy dogs

Grow old in time

Cornfields sprout

Then say goodbye


I wonder why
The world's so filled with pain
Life’s hard enough
To make it by
Rules never make it fair to play
Good folks suffer
For their good deeds
Bad folks
Take everything with greed
Sometime I cry,
Oh Lord, tell me please
Is there a lesson you hide inside
But He never answers why  


Why in time

Do things go bye

Springtime leaves

Whither away and die

Mistakes give you a second try

Do you ever

Wonder why




I wonder why

Only God understands it all

I guess I’m just

A stupid man

Maybe someday

 I’ll understand




©DreamHillFarms Music 2011