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              Written by Bing Limousin and PD Curasi © DreamHill Music 2011


Finally, Friday


This weekend trip

Can’t come too soon

The Girls and I

Going someplace new

To keep our minds alive

It’s long past due


Goodbye guys

You’re on your own

Behave yourselves

Please don’t phone

Don’t live on beer

Don’t burn down our home

Keep your eye on the kids

While we’re all gone


On this Wild Woman Weekend

We need a break
From work and Family

These girls and I

Just need to be free

Piled high in that old SUV

With enough girl bags

To stay for weeks


Shop all day

Party all night long

Talking and giggling

Until the break of dawn

Telling stories how men

Are always wrong

Singing out of tune

Every song


On this Wild Woman Weekend



This Girl Road Trip

We need it bad

No kids no men

We’re free at last

No house, dishes or laundry

No grocery store

Just shop for me


Nights at bars and 

Honky-Tonk’n shows

Places we’d

Never go alone

Flirting with guys

Both young and old

Just laughing out loud

When they come on too strong


On this Wild Woman Weekend

On this Wild Woman Weekend

On this Wild Woman Weekend!