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   That One Match Campfire Book  AND OTHER SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE


In the beginning there was a campfire…and all was good.


It is an easy thing to make a great campfire, if you know how.

The purpose of this tiny book is to give an all encompassing perspective, in as brief a presentation as possible. To arm you with the basic tools you need to make a great campfire every time using only one single, dry match.

But be careful. By learning to do so it might very well give a new insight how to master many other things far beyond the scope and comfort of a simple campfire’s blaze.

If you have a notion that to create any campfire it is just enough to crumble up some newspaper, throw a bunch of sticks and logs on top and light it, you will find most often you fail. And most often be disappointed. But you already know this.

Sometimes you might get lucky and be surprised to see the flames jump to life. But usually all you end up building is frustration. And even if you do get lucky, you may not know why or how you garnished the temporary success. You may be unable to duplicate the technique, or more importantly unable to build upon the experience to effect a higher standard of success in the future.

Campfires are like learning anything well; to learn it right you must understand it from the inside out. More than sticks and logs, constructive design, or the managing the various phases of a campfire’s life, success begins in your mind. It rests in your ability to visualize the entire process, transcending the bumbling along of happenstance logic. When you do you start the process of learning your own, individualized technique.

THAT ONE MATCH CAMPFIRE BOOK is intended to move you toward a mastery of the art of the Campfire through the simple grasp of a few bits of knowledge blended with the art of three-dimensional thinking.

But as in life, to learn about something is of great value, but experiencing it is essential...